Checklist for Moving

      Click here to download the ‘Check List for Moving’.


      • Empty trash-baskets, ashtrays, diaper pails.
      • Make sure anything needed in-transit is separated.
      • Put jewelry, coin collections, etc into your suitcase.
      • Put birth certificates, hours & important papers into suitcase.
      • Clean out refrigerator. Dispose of perishables.
      • Take down anything nailed or screwed into walls.
      • Dispose of flammables & combustibles: bleaches, paints aerosols.
      • Computer: secure your hard-drive and disconnect.
      • Empty: lawnmowers, radiators, tanks of fuel.
      • Take draperies down and hang on hanger or fold.
      • Complete our statement of customer responsibility.
      • We cannot by law move plants to some states. For questions please feel free to call our office.

      MOVE DAY

      • Secure your pets.
      • Make sure appliances, satellite, swing sets, pool tables, trampolines, etc have been disconnected by either yourself or a service company arranged.
      • Remove snow from driveway and sidewalks. Salt if needed.
      • Place your luggage and needed items in car or closet with a sign “don’t move”.
      • Show crew the items in your home that need special attention or insurance.
      • Give crew leader the filled out statement of customer responsibility.
      • Before signing anything: walk through home and make sure all is loaded.

      **If anything is left at residence, it is your responsibility**

      **any discrepancies, note on inventory-or call our office**


      • Secure pets, remove snow, plug in phone.
      • Ask driver for copy of the inventory.
      • Stand near doorway of your home and “check-off” items on inventory, as well as give general directions as to placement in your home.
      • Once truck is empty, confirm all items received.
      • Advise driver what, if anything needs to be unpacked. NOTE: unpacking is removing contents of cartons and placing on a designated surface.
      • Open any box that had a high value item noted on statement on inventory.

      **This document is the acceptable proof of missing items**

      **Call our office immediately for a “tracer” and a claim form**

      **Do not discard any item damaged*