Helpful Packing Tips

      Packing is a very important part of you move.

      The way you prepare your belongings for transport will affect both the speed of your move, and the condition in which they arrive. General rules for packing are really just common sense:

      • Try to put heavier items in smaller boxes and light bulky items in larger boxes Do not over or under pack boxes. If you over pack, the box is likely to split and you will have things sticking out the top. This makes it difficult for the mover to stack them on the truck. Under packing boxes is also detrimental–often the top of the box will dent in or be crushed.
      • Try to use newer, sturdier boxes. Boxes that have seen many moves may not keep your belongings as safe as a newer box. Used grocery store boxes will work fine for sturdy items, but pack breakables in something more substantial.
      • Use plenty of packing materials–packing paper, peanuts, bubble wrap. It is very important to put a generous layer of materials at the bottom of boxes containing fragile items.

      These suggestions for packing are general guidelines. Following are some specific ideas for items that people commonly have questions about. If you have questions about something not covered here, feel free to give us a call or send us e-mail.

      Books, Records, CDS:

      Pack these items in smaller boxes. Records should be packed on end, side by side.


      Wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on their edge and on the bottom of the container. Cups and saucers should be placed towards the top of the box. Plates and dishes should be placed in vertical positions with pads of paper in between.

      Mirrors, glass tops to furniture, large pictures:

      For complete safety, these items may be crated for shipment. For local moves, these items can be covered with bubble wrap or placed in picture/mirror cartons.


      You should move legal documents, jewelry, and currency personally. Keep these items in your possession throughout the move.